Horse'n Around Rescue Ranch & Foundation, Inc.


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Theresa Warrell, Co-Founder / President


PHONE: 520-266-0236

Steve Boice,Co-Founder / VP

PHONE: 520-907-8765

EIN: 27-1823705


Horse’n Around Rescue Ranch and Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Southeastern Arizona funded by generous donations from individuals, corporations and foundations.  We are dedicated to rescuing equines, restoring their health and wellness, and providing a nurturing and natural environment where “horses can be horses” so they can be adopted into forever homes.


Many equines (horses, ponies, mules, donkeys) are victims of cruelty and neglect.  They are treated inhumanely:  starved, neglected, abandoned, and abused.  Often once animals become old, injured, or ill, the owners no longer have a need for them and wish to discard their “problem.”  Equines can become a burden to their owners due to a multitude of reasons (including but not limited to:  economic conditions, job loss, relocation, loss of interest, or personal issues such as sickness or death) resulting in a desperate need to find a home for their animals. Horses are being euthanized for convenience, sent to Mexico for slaughter, and turned loose on public and/or private lands to fend for themselves.  Horse’n Around Rescue Ranch and Foundation, Inc. serves to fill these needs by offering a safe, nurturing place for these unwanted animals.


Today over 145 equines (saddle horses, a draft horse, a pony, mules, and  donkeys) have been rescued from difficult circumstances and are living life in a pasture with room to roam.  These equines have ample and appropriate feed, unlimited fresh water, medical care, health maintenance, and lots of positive attention.  Some will be adopted into new homes and others will have a forever home at Horse’n Around. To date, 80 horses have been adopted!


We have fabulous equines of all ages, sizes, colors, and dispositions.  Call us to see if we have the horse of your dreams.

Special thanks to our  


Equine Body Works

928-853-6646 (Williams, AZ) 

Kathy Kentera 

Tombstone Horsemanship

520-559-0464 (Tombstone, AZ)

Regina (Regi) Richter


Maverick Horse Barefoot Trimming

520-861-4448 (Vail, AZ)

Ray Morris

The Rite Bite Equine Dentistry

520-405-6963  (Green Valley, AZ)

Phil Ratliff, Dental Consultant 

Trauma Release & Body Balance

231-492-5421 (Scottsdale, AZ)

Dianna Walker McPhail, Bowen Therapist

Ultimate Balance for Ultimate Performance

520-834-2838 (Tucson,AZ)

Barbara Truex, DVM - Holistic Veterinarian

VOM/Laser Treatment

520-907-8765 (Hereford, AZ)

Steve Boice - Equine Practitioner


Volunteers: Our most valuable asset!