Terrific horses are waiting for you.  Very often people rescue horses only to find out that it was the horse that rescued the person!

It's hard to keep everything up to date.  We have most every size, shape, color, and personality.  Call us if you don't see what you are looking for.  Photos are great but the real thing is better...

What are you waiting for?  Call today to schedule a visit. 520-266-0236.

Please note:  The forms below are to educate you about our process.  Please take a few minutes to review them.  You only need to complete the "Adoption Application."  We will take care of the others.

Horse'n Around Rescue is dedicated to finding awesome homes for their horses, mules, and donkeys.  We have a barefoot policy that prohibits our horses from ever being shod.  We give you a pair of EasyBoots for your adopted horse.  There is a strict no breeding clause, and you are required to spend 10 hours with our professional trainer before you take possession of your new partner.  It is our hope that the horse you adopt is the horse of your dreams.