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Horse’n Around Rescue Seeks Donations to Help Save Beloved Horse

January 13, 2019- Horse’n Around Rescue Ranch and Foundation is seeking donations from the public to assist in the cost of emergency medical treatment for beloved rescue horse, Painted Beauty. Painted Beauty who was initally rescued by Horse’s Around Rescue in 2010 and later adopted, was returmed last week in need of treatment for squamous cell carcinoma on her upper eye lid.

Painted Beauty is an 18 year-old paint mare who was initially rescued in a dire state on July 4, 2010. She had an open, infected wound approximately 12” X 15” encompassing her left shoulder. Her entire left rear leg was swollen and had suffered two deep puncture wounds, multiple scrapes all over her body, and her right hoof was wrapped in duct tape. In addition, she had signs of rope burn wounds in her armpits of her front legs, and could hardly move due to pain.

Rescued horse once saved, returned to rescue in need of treatable cancer treatment to save her life for the second time.

Over the following months, Painted Beauty received constant care and treatment for her multitude of injuries, physical and mental, making a full and remarkable recovery into a trusting, loving and steady horse. Painted Beauty graduated from the volunteer run ground school with flying colors and moved on to riding education where she learned quickly, and became a ranch favorite. 

After being adopted in 2014, Painted Beauty has been returned to the ranch last week at no fault of her own, but in need of immediate surgery to remove a squamous cell carcinoma on her upper eye lid. Squamous cell carcinoma is a common type of equine cancer generally showing up first in the skin, particularly around the eyes, and in other areas where skin meets mucous membranes. It is especially common in horses with pink skin in these areas, such as Appaloosas, Paints and some draft breeds. As it grows, squamous cell carcinoma can begin to invade surrounding tissues, including the eye or even bone. 

Painted Beauty’s eye with visible tumor.

Painted Beauty’s eye with visible tumor.

To date, Painted Beauty has received treatment to biopsy the area affected, followed by injections of chemotherapy treatment which did not stop the growth. Her specialist recommended surgical tumor removal to stop the tumor growth to her eye or metastasizing to her bones which would eventually be fatal.

Horse’n Around Rescue is committed to Painted Beauty and her ongoing care and has scheduled her treatment for January 16th in Tucson, AZ. Horse’n Around will be making three trips to Tucson with a total estimated cost of surgery and care at nearly $2,500. 

Painted Beauty, grazing at Horse’n Around Rescue Ranch and Foundation.

Painted Beauty, grazing at Horse’n Around Rescue Ranch and Foundation.

“Painted Beauty has been through so much in her life and has proven she is a fighter and a wonderful horse. This condition is highly treatable, and we felt we needed to do this for her since she is otherwise in good health and only 18 years old. She has much life to live, and with a full recovery will hopefully find another loving home where she will continue to bring joy to people’s lives,” said Theresa Warrell, President of Horse’n Around Rescue Ranch and Foundation. 

Horse’n Around currently has 49 other horses in their care and due to the cost of surgery is asking for assistance from the public to help with the associated costs. 

“We would be very grateful to anyone that can help us help her and ease some of the financial burden on our organization so we can continue to care for who we have on the ranch and for future rescues,” said Steve Boice, Vice President of Horse’n Around Rescue. 

Painted Beauty upon her arrival back to the Ranch after surgery. She had a healthy appetite and was glad to be home!

Painted Beauty upon her arrival back to the Ranch after surgery. She had a healthy appetite and was glad to be home!

Update 1/18/19: Painted Beauty had a successful surgery on 1/16 where the tumor and surrounding area was removed. She is home resting, recuperating, and in the rehabilitation stage. She will revisit the Vet in two weeks for a check up and to have stitches removed.

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Donations can be made through the PayPal link below and by mailing checks to: 

Horse’n Around Rescue Ranch and Foundation 

PO Box 698 

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