Dear Passionate Rescue Supporter,


Our big beautiful creatures need your support and are hoping you will remember them with a donation.


Wonderful things are occurring here at the rescue!  

•VOM and Low Level Light Laser have changed the way we help horses heal  

128 horses have been rescued to our care

59 horses have been adopted into loving forever homes

• interest in adoptions has increased

•Horsemanship Training continues to ready the horses for adoption

•Many of our horses are ride-able and waiting for their forever home

• Fabulous rainfall has helped our pastures grow

•Fundraising efforts are at an all time high

•Horses to Feed – 50+ equines in our care

•We continue to have about 35 steady volunteers. They are the best!

Learn more about our rescue horses at or on our Facebook page.

None of this is possible without your support. Fundraising is an essential part of equine rescue and rehabilitation. With 50+ horses to feed, we spend every penny wisely. Every dollar that comes in goes for the care, feeding, and support of our horses. Your financial support is imperative. Because of your generosity, the horses receive excellent care. We are asking you to become a Legacy Sponsor, a major donor, a one-time donor, a volunteer, or all of the above. We have enclosed a Wish List (it’s really a Need List) of items that will benefit the horses. Perhaps you or someone you know can help us acquire these items. THANK YOU!

Our volunteers, sponsors and donors are by far our greatest assets. Horse’n Around Rescue is an official 501(c)3 Arizona Corporation. EIN: 27-1823705. The organization is run 100% by volunteers. We are so blessed to have loyal workers, sponsors, and donors. Call us to set a time to meet and hug the horses. Truly that is the best part of our day.


Please help us help our horses.

Gratefully yours,

Theresa Warrell and Steve Boice